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Airspace Technologies Logistics Re-invented

Logistics Re-Invented


Faster Order Entry

1 minute to route and quote nationwide deliveries with 1 click order placement

Automatic Dispatch

Dispatch experienced, compliant drivers nationwide in less than 2 minutes


Track Your Shipment

Track your shipment down to a 3-foot radius throughout the delivery process

Airspace Technologies makes shipping faster, safer, and more transparent than ever before through people, service, and technology. Our vision is to create the most trusted delivery network the world has ever seen. 

Transparent Communications
Airspace Technologies provides data-driven notifcations to all stakeholders in real-time.
Streamline Supply Chains
Airspace Technologies increases the velocity of the supply chain by utilizing it's award winning technology.
Compliant Driver Coverage

Airspace Technologies has one of the largest direct to driver networks nationwide.

Our Services

Next Flight Out

Next Flight Out

Next Flight Out (NFO) is the absolute fastest way to ship from one point to the next. At Airspace, our proprietary software platform can be configured to route shipments on the next flight out to achieve the fastest delivery time possible. Read more about the different routing options that Airspace offers.



Learn More About Next Flight Out Routing

Dedicated Drive

Dedicated Drive

A Hotshot is a dedicated express shipment. Another name for Hotshot is a "dedicated drive." The shipment is picked up and delivered by a single entity. Our software provides routing options depending on the order-based preferences such as "drive only." Hotshot services specialize in hazardous materials, secure packages, or weather-related issues.



Learn More About Dedicated Drives

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials include contents that may endanger the safety of an aircraft, vehicle, or people. At Airspace, we take Dangerous Goods very seriously. During the order process, we provide a selection of different commodity types to appropriately route the shipments with the highest level of safety possible.



Learn More About Dangerous Goods Shipping

Automating Logistics

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