Automating Logistics

Geo-fencing: How did we ever ship without it?

Don't (geo)fence me in… but my shipments? That's another story.

The Basics of an API within the Logistics Industry

APIs are so boring to talk about….yet vital to time-critical shipping.

What Happens During Max-Type Groundings?

If the company is Airspace Technologies, nothing.

In Healthcare, Next Flight Out Makes All The Difference

When managing medical logistics, every minute matters. This is especially true in the medical courier business when an organ or blood donation needs to be delivered across the county or even to a neighboring state.

Your Shipments Next Day, Same Day, Yesterday

Airspace was built to make time-critical shipments faster, safer, and more transparent than ever before. Now, through advancements in quantum mechanics and our dedicated team of experts, Airspace now offers the ability to deliver your critical shipments as fast as yesterday. This new service, Time Warp Delivery, will revolutionize the logistics for Aerospace and Healthcare logistics.


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