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Airspace Technologies has the strategy, technology, and support to challenge the lack of IT advancement in the logistics industry. Our solution takes the stress out of shipping and simplifies the process through automatic routing, automatic quoting, and automatic tracking.
Automatic Quoting
Accurate quoting in seconds.
Automatic Routing
Fastest route calculated in seconds.
Automatic Tracking
Real-time tracking and visibility.

Our Services

Next Flight Out

Next Flight Out

Next Flight Out (NFO) is the absolute fastest way to ship from one point to the next. At Airspace Technologies, our software platform can be configured to move packages based on the fasted route possible for our NFO needs.

To learn more about our software or how we best optimize NFO shipments, explore the Automatic Routing section under Software Features.


A Hotshot is a dedicated express delivery. Our software platform provides routing options based off of customer preferences including dedicated drives. Hotshot services specialize in hazardous materials, secure packages, or weather related issues.

To learn more about how we would route your shipment, our Automatic Routing page under Software Features details how our system operates.

Hand Carry

Hand carry is the highest level of security. Our dedicated courier escort will personally deliver your package to its destination. Airspace guarantees the safest and fastest arrival of your time critical shipments.

If your shipments require high levels of security and you are interested in using our platform for your Hand Carry needs, please Contact Us and a specialist will walk you through the protocols.

International Shipments

International Shipments

Airspace operates primarily out of the United States; however, we provide the same service for our global partners.

If you are looking to use our Platform for your International Needs, please Contact Us and a specialist will walk you through the protocols.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials includes contents that may endanger the safety of an aircraft, vehicle, and/or people. At Airspace Technologies, we take Dangerous Goods very seriously. During the ordering process, we provide a selection of different commodity types to verify your shipment will not have any issues. This ensures that or software application appropriately route the order with the highest safety precautions.

The Routing page offers more information on how our software provides accurate routing based on commodity type or feel free to contact us.


A Charter is when a private plane is bought to guarantee the shipment will be delivered on time. There are many reasons why Chartering a plane is the best option for your shipment: saves time, guarantees delivery, more convenient and it is private. 

If you are interested in Chartering a plane with through our software, please Contact Us and a specialist will walk you through the protocols.

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